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The most thorough evaluation and cleaning I’ve ever had. No wait and on time. I’m not sure what else you’d want from a dentist’s office. Dr. Brink is clearly very knowledgeable and his staff are as well.
Shane Seery
Dr. Brink is absolutely amazing! He does excellent work and my entire experience at the office was wonderful.
Lori Herman
Dr. Brink and his team are very friendly and professional! The Dr has an eye for detail and explains everything so thoroughly. It is refreshing to go to a dental office that I trust.
Armita Fartash
I was a patient of the prior practice before Dentistry of Hockessin took over Dr. Gonce's practice. I have just finished several crowns and an implant, while the sale of the practice was announced. The communication was pretty vague, and it was portrayed as the new practice will be continuation of the practice, which was complete opposite. During the transition period, I had my annual cleaning done and during the cleaning I mentioned that the crowns were sensitive, and I wanted to talk to Dr. Gonce which I was told that he would be available at the office until his last date. On the cleaning date, new dentist came to look at it and I told him that I rather have Dr. Gonce look at the crown issue as these are his work. I asked them to put me in contact with him but nothing was done since then which left me with problematic crowns. On the way out after my cleaning, one of the front desk person asked me whether I would like to schedule another cleaning for this year and I told them as long as it is covered by insurance, I would be OK. She said she would check with my insurance and get back to me. She got in contact with me and said she checked with my insurance and for this calendar year I had one more cleaning, and it will be covered by my insurance. I went ahead and scheduled my cleaning. After my cleaning, I have received a bill about my cleaning and I called the office about the bill. Same person acknowledged that she checked with my insurance and told me that it would be covered by my insurance but for some reason the insurance system was not "updated" properly and the information she gave me was not accurate, and she told me that I would be responsible for the bill. The dental office offered to schedule the cleaning, they checked with insurance and confirmed that it was covered, which will be no cost to me. For some reason, it became my responsibility. I then schedule an appointment about my crown problems that needed to be addressed. While I was waiting in one of the rooms, the front desk person came to the room. She started to talk about the cleaning bill and I explained the story to her and hoping that we would continue the conversation after I spoke with the dentist as it was not the proper place to talk about a financial matter. But she kept going and got meaner and more unprofessional. I told her that if you offer something and confirmed that it will be covered by my insurance, how it becomes my responsibility? The practice gave me all the information and I made my decision based on that information. She said I understand that but either I stand up and pay the bill or the doctor is not coming to the room to examine me. After very unprofessional and aggressive conversation, I decided that this practice was not anything like before, and I should not be dealing with unprofessional people. I briefly talked to Garret Brink on the way out and paid the bill which they were not supposed to collect. I was hoping he would be more professional, but unfortunately he was as mean and unprofessional like his front desk person. This practice is unprofessional and rude to their patience, and they are not honest. As a side note, most of these reviews on these page belong to the prior practice and when the Dentistry of Hockession took over the business they offered $250.00 to their patients to leave 5-star reviews.
Sully Erdem
Michael Granger
I was overall happy with my whole experience. Professional, on time, and thorough.
Fred Oseko
lisa Casale
nick shavico
I have always had a fear of going to the dentist due to a nightmare dentist that I had when I was younger. Dr. Brink has all but erased this fear from my memory. He is incredibly knowledgeable, talented and explains treatment very clearly. He never once spoke down to me or in a condescending manner as I have felt with previous dentists in the past. I highly recommend this office to anyone that is looking for not only a great dentist, but a genuine human being that has your best interest at heart.
Sarah Neyers


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